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The Maharaja Krushna Chandra Gajapati Medical College was established in 1962. The Department of Community Medicine started functioning for under-graduate teaching in December, 1963. Postgraduate course in Social & Preventive Medicine (now Community Medicine) started since 1972 and recognized by the Medical Council of India.

The Department of Community Medicine is functioning with its ancillary wings, Viz; Epidemiology Unit (Immunization Clinic & Anti-Rabies Clinic) and Preventive Geriatric Clinic at OPD of the Hospital, Urban Health Training Centre, Ankoli and Rural Health Training Centre, Digapahandi.

The Department is engaged in teaching and training of Undergraduates, Interns & Post-graduates and also undertakes research on various aspects of Public Health. Besides this, students of paramedical sciences like Pharmacy, Nursing, Laboratory Technology, Radiation Technology etc. are undergoing training in different wings of the Department. Further, some of the Primary Health Centers / C.H.Cs of southern districts of Orissa are utilized for training of Interns. The department is fully equipped with staff, library, museum, equipments etc., to march ahead with the objective of “Reaching Excellence” in teaching, training, research and service.
Attendant : Mr. Debaraj Patra
Mr. Rama Chandra Sethy
Mrs. Apili Baditya
DEPARTMENT Name of Doctors
Professor & H.O.D Dr. Radha Madhab Tripathy
Associate Professor Dr. Durga Madhab Satapathy
Asst. Professor Dr. Dhaneswari Jena
Dr. Lomapada Nayak
Dr. D.Shobhamalini
Dr. Tapas Ranjan Behera
Epidemiologist : Dr. Basanti Acharya
Senior resident : Dr. Amita Patnaik
Dr Sangeeta Das
Dr Suchitra Rani Haldar
Dr Sujata Sethy
Dr Debasish Bebarta
Dr. Madhusmita Sahu
Dr Smaraki Mohanty
PG students : Dr. S. Siddhrtha Sankar Reddy
Dr. Ashwini Kumar Pratap
Dr Asutosh Padhi
Dr Sunil Kumar Dash
Sanitary inspector : Mr Sarat kumar Dash
Laboratory Assistant : Mr. ManaMohan Padhy
Mr. Harihara Mohapatra
Office Assistant : Mr. P. Damodar Patro
Pharmacist : Mr. Malaya Kumar Sahu
Driver : Mr. Somanath Nahak
Peon: Mr. Nilakantha Choudhury
Mr. Rama Krishna Naik
Sweeper: Mr. Narendra Naik.
Assistant Professor: Dr. Dhaneswari Jena
Health Educator : Mr. Bala Krishna Rout
PHN: Mrs. Premalata Devi.
Sanitary inspector Mr Biswanath Nanda
Social Worker (Male): Mr. Hari Bandhu Das
M.P.H.S. (Male): Mr. Surya Narayan Padhi
Sweeper: Mr. Bijay Kumar Das
Associate Professor: Dr. Nirmal Chandra Sahani
Medical Officer of Health : Dr. Surendra Kumar Das
Lady Medical Officer : Dr. Indira Mahapatra
O & G Specialist: Dr. Debendra Jena
Pediatric Specialist: Dr. Suresh ch. Samanta
PHN: Driver: Mr. Biswanath Gouda Mr. Prafulla Kumar Sankhua Mr. Ramesh Ch. Patra Mrs. Mina Ku. Nayak
Steno: Mr. Satyabadi Nayak
Pharmacist: Mr. P. Kamaraju.
Staff Nurse: Mrs. Nirupama Mallick
Senior Clerk: Mr. Satyanarayan Padhy
Driver: Mr. Prafulla Kumar Sankhua
Mr. Ramesh Ch. Patra
Peon : Mr. Binod Gouda
Mr. Gouranga Patra
Mr. Jacob Naik
Helper Mr. Kali Charan Panda
Sweeper: Mrs. Tanuja Sethi
Mr. Biswanath Sethi
Mr. Binod Ghadei
N.B.: One post of Statistician, 2 posts of Laboratory Technician, 1 post of M.P.H.S., 1 post of Social Worker (Female) and 4 posts of Class-IV employees are vacant at present.
Teaching Activities:
Theory: Weekly two theory classes each for 1st to 4th Semester and one each for 5th to 7th Semester.
Practical: 2 practical classes for each Semester every week.
Community Posting /Training:
One-month rotational field training in the U.H.T.C carried out for the 3rd, 4th & 6th semester students . Field training regarding the Hospital and Public Health infrastructures have been provided the 1st semester and 2nd semester students .Field training to Primary Health Center/CHC, Industrial units, ICDS Project, Water Works, and District Health Establishment etc . For 7th semester students were organized.
Interns’ training:
The Modified Intern Training Program (MITP) has been organized for the interns during their 3 months posting in the department. During this period, 107 interns are posted in selected CHCs / UGPHCs in 2 districts of South Orissa. The senior faculty made regular supervisory visits for successful implementation of the training program.
The faculties undertake regular theory classes, public health practical, epidemiological exercises etc. Post-graduates carry out weekly seminar and journal topic presentations. Post graduates work at Epidemiology unit & UHTC on rotation basis. Participation in survey activities, conferences, workshops, seminars etc. was encouraged for PG Students.

Successful Post-graduates of 2007:
1. Dr. Prabir Ranjan Moharana - May 2009
2. Dr. Abanindranath Sahu - May 2009
Service Activities:
Epidemiology Unit:
Total Anti-Rabies Consultations - 5616
Dog-bite cases - 4489
Jackal bite cases - 290
Monkey bite cases - 486
Cat bite cases - 177
Rat bite cases - 125
Human bite cases - 27
Others - 16
Rabies cases - 6
No. of children immunized - 9473
B. C. G. - 2012
0 dose OPV - 2008
OPV & DPT (1st dose) - 835
OPV & DPT (2nd dose) - 813
OPV & DPT (3rd dose) - 598
Measles - 739
OPV & DPT booster - 621
DT booster - 410
Montoux test - nil
Hepatitis B - 841
MMR - 51
Typhoid - 39
Hib vaccine - 14
TT (10 yrs.) - 535
TT (16 yrs.) - 234
Vit A I - 792
Vit A II - 356
Vit A III - V - 216

Growth monitoring, nutritional advice & other Medical counseling services have been provided.
Training: Undergraduates - 15 days training for 3rd & 4th Semester students 12-15 students per batch. 210 total students.
General Nursing Students - In two batches for 15 days each. 50 total students.Pharmacist Students - From Roland Institute of Pharmaceutical Science; Pharmacy College, Mohuda). Total 36 students.
LHV Trainee & Medical Officers - Hands on Training on Immunization.
Total OPD attendance - 6503
ANC cases registered - 25
MP slides collected - 289
Positive - 28
P. fr - 25
B. C. G. - nil
Polio/DPT-1 - 114
Polio/DPT-2 - 104
Polio/DPT-3 - 111
Polio/DPT Booster - 77
Measles - 54
DT - 43
TT (10 years) - 69
TT (16 years) - 245
TT (Mother)-1st - 17
TT (Mother)-2nd - 8
I.F.A. (Large) - 197
I.F.A. (Small) - 294
Vit A I - 54
Vit A II - 77
Vit A III - V - 57
Training activities in UHC:
MBBS 3rd semester (37) Gr. A - 01.12.09 – 31.12.09 MBBS 3rd semester (37) Gr. C - 01.02.09 – 28.02.09
MBBS 3rd semester (37) Gr. B - 01.11.09 – 30.11.09
MBBS 4th semester (25) Gr A 01.08.09- 31.08.09
MBBS 4th semester (25) Gr B 01.07.09 -31.07.09
MBBS 4th semester (25) Gr C 01.04.09- 30.04.09
MBBS 6th semester (25) Gr. C - 01.1.09 – 31.1.09
MBBS 6th semester (25) Gr. C - 01.1.09 – 31.1.09
Test Examination 7th semester (103) - 11.04.09 –13.04.09
MBBS Examination 7th semester (101) - 03.08.09 – 05.08.09
Post Graduate Examination (2) - 04.05.09-05.05.09
Gen. Nursing 1st yr.( Christian Hospital) (24) - 28.08.09-24.09.09
Gen. Nursing 1st yr. (20) Gr A - 09.02.09-14.02.09
Gen. Nursing 2nd yr. (25) Gr.B - 06.07.09-26.07.09
Gen. Nursing 3rd yr. (24) Gr.A - 27.07.09-16.08.09
Gen. Nursing(internship) (24) Gr B - 07.02.09-20.02.09
Gen. Nursing(internship) (23) Gr A - 21-02-09-06.03.09
LHV Training (12) Gr.A - 05.02.09-20.02.09
(11) Gr.B - 21.02.09-07.03.09
MSc Nursing 1st yr. (2) - 12.02.09-01.06.09
PC BSc. Nursing 2nd yr. (8) - 27.01.09-26.02.09
Basic BSc Nursing 4th year (19) - 08.01.09-04.03.09
Basic BSc Nursing 3rd year(IGNOU) (14) - 15.05.09- 25.05.09
Basic BSc Nursing (IGNOU) (26) -06.11.09-12.11.09
1.351 Dr DM Satapathy Dr, D Shobha Malini, Dr TR Behera, Dr SSS Reddy, Dr RM Tripathy in: IJCM Year 2009 , Volume : 34,Issue : 4  , Page : 351-353

2.Assessment of risk factors for development of type II Diabetes Mellitus among working women inJanani Surakhya Yojana and 'At Birth' immunization: A study in a tertiary level health center    p. Berahmpur ,Orissa by Dr, D Shobha Malini ,Dr. A Sahu,Swapna Mohapatra,Dr RM Tripathy.

3. An analysis of treatment outcome among TB patients put under DOTS at a tertiary level health facility of Orissa by Dr PR Moharana, Dr DM Satapathy Dr NC Sahani,Dr TR Behera Dr D Jena & Dr RM Tripathy in Journal of community medicine July-Dec, 2009, Vol, .5(2)

4.“Can I quit smoking?” by Dr Dhaneswari Jena,Dr Prabir Ranjan Moharana,& Prof.R.M.Tripathy in Journal of Community Medicine, July-Dec, 2009, Vol, .5(2)

5. A study on working conditions of DOTS provider by Dr D. Shobha Malini, ,Dr. Dr R.M.Tripathy, Dr. T.Sahu in Journal of Community Medicine, January 2009, Vol .5 (1)
Research Projects:
1 External Monitoring of Immunization Sessions(RIMS) & Vit -A prophylaxis of District Koraput, Ganjam, Malkangiri, Nawarqngapur, Rayagada, Kandhamal, Gajapati and Urban Berhampur Funded by UNICEFF.
2 Evaluation of Primary Health Services rendered through NGO on PPP basis in the District of Kalahandi & Nawarangapur
3 IDD survey of District of Kalahandi & Nawarangapur
4 LOT Quality consistency of three batches ofRHV
5 Safety & efficacy of PVRV inpost exposed rabies prophylaxis
6 RI supportive supervision & assessment in district of Korapaut
Epidemic Investigations:
1)Investigation on food poisoning Daringbadi block of Kandhamal district by Dr. D. Jena.
2) Investigation on malaria at Daringbadi block of Kandhamal district by Dr. L .P Nayak.
3). Investigation on Viral Fever at Boriguma block of Koraput district by Dr. L .P Nayak
4) Investigation on unknown death at kashipur block of Rayagada by Dr D S malini
National Conferences/Workshops/Seminars:
All India Annual Conference of IAPSM held at Aurangabad in January, 2008 attended by Prof. R. M. Tripathy, Dr. D. Jena, Dr. L. Nayak, Dr. D. S. Malini,Dr Aswini kumar pratap
All India Annual Conference of IPHA held at Bangalore, in March 2009 attended by Dr. D. M. Satapathy, Dr.L,NayakDr Aswini Kumar Pratapand Dr. S.S.S. Reddy.
APCRI Conference at Trivendrum attended by Dr D .S, Malini,Dr D M. Satapathy.Dr T .R.Behera Dr Asutosh Padhi
Workshop at Visakhaptnam attended byD.M. Satapathy ,D.S.MaliniT.R. Behera Dr Aswini kumar Pratap ,S.S.S.reddy, Asutosh Padh
Dr D.M.Satapathy attended international Rabies Conference at Vietnam
XXV Annual State Conference of IAPSM held at Burla in January 2009.
Workshop IDRV at Visakha patanam by Dr. D. M. Satapathy. Dr D. S Malini .Dr T.R. Behera., Dr Aswini Kumar Pratap, Dr S.s.s. redddy
PEDICON attended by Dr Sunil Kumar Dash
MAPEDI training by Dr D Jena & Dr D.S.Malini
TOT on Pre-service IMNCI Training at Kalabati Saran Children’s Hospital New Delhi by Dr.L.P.Nayak & Dr D.S Malini.
immunization TOT in New Delhi By Dr L.P.Nayak, Dr D,S,Malini
Attending VHND training in Ganjam district as TOT by Dr D Jena
Attending Training as stte rapid response team member at Bhubaneswar for Swineflu by Dr D Jena & Dr Lomapad Nayak .
Attending district TOT at Bolangir district for IMNCI by Dr D Jena
Vaccine update training at Kolkatta attended by DrD.S. Malini
Other activities:
Prof R.M.Tripathy as member of MCI
Prof R.M Tripathy as member of regulation committee & academic council member of Berhampur university
Dr D.M. Satapathy as member of editorial board of IPHA Journal
Dr D. Satapathy elected as joint secretary APCRI at national level
Dr D.M. Satapathy as vice chairman of SSG Society
Dr D. Jena elected as governing council member of IAPSM at national level
Dr D.S.Malini elected as governing council member of APCRI
Dr D S Malini received junior scientist award fn APCRI
Pulse polio monitoring
WHO Day Celebration, 2009.
Celebration of World Anti Rabies Day.
Observation of Breast Feeding Week.
Monitoring as WHO monitors for pulse Polio in different rounds in 2009.